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This introductory post aims at discussing a bit about business model of ARM ltd.(that’s right the company behind ARM architectures!!), different ARM architectures for different utilities and most importantly a brief about ARM cortex M , ARM cortex R and ARM cortex A. So, here’s the content: Business model of ARM ltd. ARM Terminology Different ARM Architectures and Families Third party ARM variants ARM cortex M ARM cortex R ARM cortex A ARM Ltd. ARM ltd. was founded late in 1990’s as a joint venture between Acorn computers , Apple computers(Apple Inc.) and VLSI technology Inc. ARM joint venture With…

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Introduction to FRDM KL46Z and KDS

Outdated post alert: Sorry, this post is no longer being maintained. If you are loooking for some sample code for FRDM KL46Z visit: Year ago, i wrote a tutorial on getting started with freescale’s FRDM KL46Z development board. since then it was just a draft, today, i thought of updating and releasing it. So, here it is: But first of all, a very brief introduction of the development board and OpenSDA FRDM KL46Z Features MKL46Z256VLL4MCU – 48 MHz, 256 KB flash, 32 KB SRAM, segment LCD, USB OTG (FS) , 100 LQFP Capacitive touch slider, MMA8451Q accelerometer, MAG3110 magnetometer…

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