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A survey of concurrency bug patterns

Humans tend to make the same mistake again and again. We, software developers, are no different. Hello everyone, in this blog post, I’m going to talk about common concurrency bug patterns. Bug patterns give good insight into developer’s psychology, specifically, the assumptions we make about the programming languages, compilers, 3rd party code, OS scheduler, and hardware architecture.

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Writing Your First LLVM Pass and Registering it in the Clang Toolchain

There are several detailed tutorials[1] on writing an LLVM pass so that I won’t cover it in much detail. However, as of today(May 2020), there is no detailed guide on registering an LLVM pass within the OPT and Clang toolchains. So, this post will be mainly regarding that. Content: Introduction Types of LLVM passes Writing a basic function pass in LLVM Registering a pass within the OPT toolchain Clang toolchain Introduction LLVM is an extremely modular compiler infrastructure that provides back-end tools for code optimization and transformation. It works on an intermediate representation called LLVM IR. Clang, on the other…

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